Aetrex L500W Women's DRESS Orthotics - Insoles for Dress Shoes

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Aetrex Women's DRESS Orthotics - Insoles for Dress Shoes | Style L500W

Aetrex women’s Dress Orthotics are three-quarter length insoles to wear with your dress shoes, pumps and flats. These footwear inserts are the perfect choice when you wear shoes with a narrow toe area, or shoes without removable foot beds.

Aetrex's signature Arch Support area puts your body in optimal alignment to help prevent common foot issues such as plantar fasciitis. These neutral dress shoe orthotics work with Average Arch types and have Cupped Heel Areas for optimal cushioning, support and stability.

Aetrex DRESS Orthotic Features

Aetrex L500 - A Neutral Orthotic option that is great for an Average Arch type, or for someone who is unsure which customized orthotic to try first. They have a Cupped Heel for excellent cushioning and support.

  • Top Cover Material: Genuine leather
  • Center Cushioning: Cork rubber blend for maximum comfort
  • Performance Base: Suede to help prevent sliding inside shoes
  • Insole Thickness: .18"
  • Recommended for: Professionals and Fashionistas
  • Best for: Shoes with narrow toe areas or no removable depth

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