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Credit Card Information

Family Footwear Center does not lend, share, give or sell your personal information to anyone. We do not store your credit card information unless you check the " Save My Credit Card For Future Purchases " box during check out. If you check this option, your credit card number will be saved but not your security code (3 digit # on back). You will have to re-enter this number for each order.

Email Newsletter

We do not send unsolicited email. You may sign up to receive our Newsletter, by checking the Newsletter box during registration. You may opt out at any time, either by checking the "opt out" box on our newsletter. or by contacting us.

AdRoll Tracking Cookies

Family Footwear Center uses AdRoll - which uses cookies, tracking pixels and other similar technologies. These small data files from our website, known as Cookies, are stored on your browser, for targeted advertising purposes. Types of data from your device/browser that may be collected are; IP Addresses, cookie identifiers, cookie string data and in the case of mobile devices, your device type and mobile device's unique identifier, such as the Apple IDFA, or Android Advertising ID and your website activity.

Our site then uses these cookies, that are dropped by us, for a variety of purposes. Some are used to help us operate and personalize our website and to track how you specifically navigate our website and to target future ads to you on other websites that you may visit.

The AdRoll service will collect Ad Data for us about the online ads they served, or attempted to serve to you. This includes how many times an ad was served to you, what page the ad appeared on, and whether you clicked on, or otherwise engaged with, the ad.

AdRoll strives to better target ads to you. All email addresses collected by AdRoll are hashed before it is sent to AdRoll’s servers. A hashed email is an alphanumeric ID that isn't readable as an actual email address.

We understand how important your online privacy is to you, so you may choose to Opt-Out of our AdRoll Tracking here: 

Opt Out of Interest Based Advertising Here 

If you do not wish to be retargeted by any website/service, please note the following:

By disabling AdRoll's Retargeting Services, this does not mean that you will no longer see display ads from other websites retargeting services. You can choose to opt-out of all website personalized advertising by disabling your web browser's cookies. This can be done in the preferences section of your web browser. Be sure to clear out all your existing stored cookies when you do this.