Chippewa AUTHENTIC Sta-Tied Waxed Boot Laces One Pair - Brown, Black, or Gold

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Chippewa AUTHENTIC Sta-Tied Waxed Boot Laces 1 Pair | Color Choice: Brown, Black or Gold

These Chippewa Sta-Tied Wax Laces are Authentic and the only ones recommended for use with your Chippewa Boots, by Chippewa themselves.

For over 25 years Family Footwear Center has been supplying our customers with only authentic, real Chippewa boots and replacement boot laces and insoles, so you can be sure you are getting an authentic product. These replacement laces for your Chippewa boots are 100% real, just like the ones that came on your work boots when you bought them. We are proud to sell only real, authentic Chippewa products to our customers both online and in our 5 store locations here in the Northeast.

Chippewa's boot laces are made tough and rugged, just like their boots, so you know they will be able to handle hard work day in and day out. These waxed laces are known for staying tied even in wet conditions and they have non-fraying ends. See our size guide below to determine the length you need.

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Chippewa Authentic Boot Laces Size Guide: 

These laces come in different lengths: 54", 63" and the longer length of 72" for those who like to wrap their laces around the back of their boots, before tying them in the front.

  • 8 Pairs of Eyelets = 54"
  • 9-10 Pairs of Eyelets = 63"
  • 11 Pairs of Eyelets = 72"

Actual length may vary due to boot/shoe width and eyelet type.

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