Chippewa AUTHENTIC KEVLAR Heavy Duty Boot Laces | 1 Pair

CHI-KEV-LACES-7791-63 / 7792-72

Chippewa AUTHENTIC KEVLAR Heavy Duty Boot Laces 1 Pair | Color: Black

Chippewa's Kevlar boot laces are a must-have on the most demanding job-sites, when ordinary boot laces just won't do! Your tough, rugged boots deserve tough, rugged laces that can hold up under the most severe work conditions. These are the real Authentic Chippewa Kevlar laces that Chippewa recommends for boots that have to perform under the harshest job site conditions. 

Kevlar laces are designed for strength and durability, and are made and built to last. Their reinforced strands make them virtually unbreakable boot laces, under any type of working conditions. These are the best logging boot laces because they are made to be super tough. No other boot laces come close!

These heavy duty boot laces are available in two sizes; 63" and 72". The longer length of 72" for those who like to wrap their laces around the back of their boots, before tying them in the front.

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Chippewa Kevlar Heavy Duty Lace Features

  • Reinforced Kevlar Strands
  • Non-Fraying Ends
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • 63" and 72" Lengths

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