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Thorogood Boot Technology


Thorogood Footwear is renowned for its commitment to quality, durability, and comfort. Each pair of boots is crafted with features designed to enhance performance and protect the wearer in various work environments. Here, we showcase the key features that make Thorogood Footwear a top choice for serious workers and tradesmen. This guide will help you to select the safest pair of work boots you will need to get the job done.



Made in the USA with USA and globally sourced components.



Thorogood's Steel Toe boots provide exceptional protection for your toes, meeting or exceeding ASTM safety standards. Ideal for construction, manufacturing, and other heavy-duty work environments, the steel toe feature shields against impact and compression hazards, ensuring your feet stay safe on the job.



Thorogood's Composite Toe boots offer lightweight protection without compromising safety. These non-metallic toes meet ASTM standards and are ideal for environments where metal detectors are used or where metal-free footwear is preferred. They provide excellent protection while being lighter and more comfortable than traditional steel toes.



These Thorogood styles are 100% non-metallic. They will have Composite safety toes and non-metallic hardware (eyelets). These features will not activate security screening devices.



Electrical Hazard (EH) rated boots are constructed or manufactured with electric shock-resisting soles and heels capable of withstanding an application of 18,000 volts (root mean square (RMS) value) at 60 Hz for 1 minute, with no current flow or current leakage in excess of 1.0 milliamperes under dry conditions.

*Per OSHA:EH Rated boots are only supplemental.

Electrical Workers need Primary Forms of Protection per Standards:29 CFR 1910.137; 29 CFR 1910.269(l); and 29 CFR 1926.950(c)



Thorogood's SD footwear will provide for a resistance of between 10 to the 6th power ohms (1megohm) and 10 to the 8th power (100 megohms) resistance when 50 volts are applied via an electrode to the hand of a person wearing the SD test samples on a conductive ground plate.



Thorogood uses 3MTM ThinsulateTM Insulation, the original thin insulation designed specifically for footwear. Their Insulated boots are designed to keep your feet warm in cold environments, providing effective thermal protection without adding any unnecessary bulk.



Thorogood has engineered a waterproof barrier to keep water out of the boots to keep your feet dry in wet and damp conditions. Thorogood uses advanced waterproofing technologies and materials, such as GORE-TEX® and Thoro-Dri™, to create a barrier against water, while allowing your feet to breathe.



All Thorogood's Slip-resistant boots have been tested to meet the ASTM F3445 industry criteria for certifying them as "Slip-resistant." This feature is designed to enhance traction on various surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Thorogood uses durable, high-traction rubber compounds to ensure stability and safety, making these boots ideal for slippery or uneven terrains.



The outsole is designed to withstand or reduce damage due to oil.



Thorogood's footwear that is certified Puncture Resistant have met the current ASTM Standard F2413. Footwear with this rating have soles that resist punctures from sharp objects like nails, at a force load of 1200N (270 IBF). They have a unique textile insole material that is flexible and puncture-resisting. which is essential for construction and similar industries.



Thorogood's footwear with Metatarsal Protection retains a 1” clearance for men’s and .937” clearance for women’s, after a nominal impact of 75 foot lbs. (101.7J), i.e., a 50 lb. weight dropped, reaching 117.9 +/- 2.4” per second velocity at impact 3.5” in from the toe of the footwear (3.375” on women’s). 

I-met2® patented technology: Exclusively from Thorogood® footwear. The polymer compositeound used in the I-MET2® absorbs and deflects impact to the instep of the foot. Like the original I-MET®, I-MET2® is an internal, invisible, Metatarsal Guard that is compositeletely integrated with the protective toe cap.



Thorogood footwear that is certified to be protective against Blood-borne Pathogens, such as blood and bodily fluids, have been tested to be penetration compliant for at least one hour, according to ASTM F1671, which is the standard test method for resistance of materials used in protective clothing.