Kinco 1171 HYDROFLECTOR Lined Waterproof Black Duck Ski Gloves with Pull Strap

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Kinco HYDROFLECTOR Ski Gloves with Pull Straps | Style #1171

Take it from us, these gloves really perform while shredding the gnar on the snowy mountains like we have here in Vermont!

The Kinko Hydroflector Ski Gloves are well equipped to take on the winter slopes. They have superior heat retention, and they have a water-repellant heavy canvas shell that is laminated to a thermal foam lining, so they keep hands warm and dry. They are easy to get on and off, and they have an adjustable pull-strap on the wrist that provides a custom fit.

These high-performance Kinco Ski Black Duck Gloves have padded knuckle protection and solid grip on the palms and on the thumb areas. The seamless, angled wing thumb design makes these ski and snowboard gloves flexible and responsive, so you can stay in control on your ride.

Kinco SKI GLOVE Features

  • Black water-repellent heavy duck canvas shell, which is laminated to a thermal foam lining, protects hands from cold & wet conditions
  • Black durable PVC water-resistant gripping material on palm & thumb help withstand wear in high-abrasion applications, prevents slippage, & avoids base material failure
  • Adjustable hook & loop pull-strap wrist provides a custom fit
  • Turned duck canvas hem
  • Flexible, ribbed foam knuckle padding provides impact protection
  • Fourchette finger design allows for the natural extension & contraction of finger movement
  • Angled wing thumb design, which is seamless between the palm & thumb, offers additional flexibility & comfort
  • High-performance signature Heatkeep® thermal insulation, laminated with a soft TR2 inner lining, provides superior heat-retention by trapping heat, repelling the cold, & wicking away moisture
  • aquaNOT!® waterproof insert lines the entire interior of the glove to keep hands dry in wet conditions

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