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Carolina Work Boot Technology



All Carolina Work Boots that carry this symbol are boots that meet, or exceed, the ASTM Standard for Compression and Impact Testing rating of I-75/C-75. This means that worker's feet will be protected in the workplace from any heavy objects that might be dropped onto, or that might roll over, the feet. 


All Carolina Work Boots that carry this symbol have a Non-Metallic, Composite Safety Toe that meets the same exact ASTM Standards, for compression and impact testing, as steel toe boots. Composite Toe work boots are lighter than Steel Toe but offer the same exact protection.



All Carolina Work Boots that carry this symbol have an Aluminum Safety Toe. They weigh much less than steel toe boots, but they still meet the same rigid ASTM Safety Standard I-75/C-75 for compression and impact. This means that these safety toe boots will help prevent injuries from heavy objects that may drop, or roll, across the feet. 



All Carolina Work Boots that carry this symbol have a Carbon Fiber, Non-Metallic Safety Toe. Carbon Fiber Toes offer excellent protection on the job, meeting the same standard ASTM rating for impact and compression as steel toe boots. They protect feet from heavy objects that might roll over, or drop down, onto the feet.



All Carolina work boots that carry this symbol are Electrical Hazard (EH) Rated and tested by an independent lab to "...withstand applications of 18,000 volts at 60hz for one minute without leakage." Per OSHA: EH Rated boots are only supplemental. Electrical Workers need Primary Forms of Protection per Standards:29 CFR 1910.137; 29 CFR 1910.269(l); and 29 CFR 1926.950(c): 


All Carolina Boot footwear that carry this symbol have a special sole that will absorb and then neutralize any loose electrons, by sending them safely into the floor. Per OSHA standards: any footwear marked ESD is considered specialty footwear designed for employees who work around flammable liquids and products, or where static discharge may adversely affect sensitive computer equipment, electronics and circuitry boards.



All Carolina work boots that carry this symbol have built-in Metatarsal protection, known more commonly among the workers as a "Met Guard." This added layer protects the very delicate Metatarsal bones that sit atop of the foot, from falling items in the workplace. It is designed to be thin, flexible and move in a very natural and comfortable way.



All Carolina boots that carry this symbol have Scubaliner Waterproofing Technology. The Scubaliner is an internal membrane that relies on science to keep feet dry. Tiny holes in the membrane allow smaller air molecules to get through, while larger water molecules are too big to pass through into the boots.