AquaSeal Leather Waterproofing Paste Creme & Conditioner

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AquaSeal Leather Boot Waterproofing Creme & Conditioner

Chosen Number One by many boot manufacturers and also our local serious outdoor enthusiasts, Aquaseal Waterproofing Creme and Conditioner has proven itself reliable to waterproof and condition all types of leather, including Gore-Tex boots. This product helps leather boots uppers to outlast their outsoles. This unique product combines conditioning oils and waxes, just like the major tanneries use. It provides maximum leather care, waterproofing and conditioning, while maintaining the boot leather's breathability.

AquaSeal Waterproofing is easy to use and leaves no sticky residue. Many of our customers recommend leaving your boots outside in the sun for an hour or more prior to applying this creme. That way when you apply the creme with your fingers, or a sponge, the creme melts easily into all the nooks and crannies of the boot's leather. Be sure to wipe off any excess creme that may accumulate with a clean, dry cloth, to avoid any white build up. This product is a favorite of our New England store customers in need of a serious boot care product to keep their feet dry while working out in the brutal New England weather elements, or for serious long hikes through our beautiful Green Mountain National Forest.

Some customers have mentioned that depending on the boots they use this product on, it may tend to darken the color of the leather. 

 Recommended For Use On:

  • Smooth Oil-Tanned Leathers
  • Smooth Chrome-Tanned Leathers
  • Silicone Impregnated Leathers
  • All Gore-Tex Boots
  • Any Pre-Waterproofed Leathers

Action Uses:

Indoor/outdoor work footwear care, hiking boots, hunting boots, mountain biking shoes, motorcycle boots and gloves, leather tack (saddles, bridles, harnesses), shoe care, most types of leather gloves, golf shoes, soccer shoes and much, much more. 

Safe on Gore-Tex footwear.