Haflinger GZ 711001 Unisex GRIZZLY Franzl Wool Clogs with Alpine Trim


Haflinger Unisex Classic Black Grizzly Franzl Wool Clogs with Alpine Trim | Style #GZ-711001-3/BLK

The Haflinger Wool Felt Clogs for both men and women make a great gift for a friend, a family member, or even yourself! 

Smooth, Soft Felt Wool surrounds feet in cozy comfort and they have a Bavarian-Style Trimmed Edge, adding a nice touch of Alpine Styling.

The Haflinger Grizzly Wool Clogs are designed to be Anatomically Correct, with each toe box has a built-in toe bar and follows the natural shape of the left and the right foot.

The Haflinger's thick Cork and Latex Footbed provides a mild amount of arch support and it also lets these clogs to personally adapt to the shape of your feet.

The 100% Felt Wool Liners and Uppers are naturally breathable, so they can regulate with the change of temperature, so feet will stay warm in winter, and nice and cool in the summer.

These Haflingers can be worn outdoors, because they have Waterproof Thermal Rubber Outsoles that are Slip-Resistant.


Haflinger Clogs - European Shoe Size Conversion Charts: