Laura Feathers  Experiences "The Hunt of a Lifetime!"

Laura Feathers Experiences "The Hunt of a Lifetime!"

Posted by Cara Spindler on Dec 7th 2016

BENNINGTON, VT- Laura Feathers, owner of Family Footwear Center, was a winner in the 2016 Vermont Moose Permit Lottery. Referred to as “...the hunt of a lifetime,” by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, Laura was granted a special license to hunt a single Moose within a pre-designated area of the Green Mountains of Vermont.

The odds of winning are tough. There have been over 10,000 hunters that have entered this Lottery, for each of the past five years. Selected winners are allowed a second hunter into their party, and Laura chose her husband Scott Feathers. And who could blame her? She and Scott have both entered the Vermont Moose Lottery for the past 15 years, but always without success. Until this year.

Laura and Scott were invited to appear on the Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped TV show, to discuss their exciting "once in a lifetime" hunting adventure, which aired on Comcast Cable Channel 15 CAT-TV.Vermont.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Lottery is run annually, as part of a Moose Management Program,that began in the State of Vermont back in 1992. The program strives to create a balance between the Moose, their sustainable habitat, human interactions and the overall protection of the forest itself.