Chippewa 20080 USA CIBOLA 6 Soft Toe Non-Insulated Chocolate Apache Work Boots

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Chippewa USA CIBOLA 6 Soft Toe Non-Insulated Chocolate Apache Work Boots | Style #20080

The Chippewa Classic Chocolate Apache Work Boot is made in Chippewa's Carthage Missouri Factory by American Workers using global parts. Complete with a set of Metal American Flags on the Laces, you can show the world your support and love for your country.

Built with unbeatable American pride and only the finest materials and leathers, this boot represents the best in its class. It has a Soft Toe, a Drill Vamp Lining and a quality Vibram 132-Lug Outsole.

If you are on your feet for hours on end, you will find the USA Chocolate Apache a really comfortable, yet secure boot on the job site. It boasts a Triple-Ribbed Steel Shank and a 4 Iron Real Flex Midsole, providing strength, comfort and flexibility. Your feet will feel good, even on your longest days.

Chippewa USA Soft Toe Chocolate Apache Boot Features

  • MADE in the USA with global parts
  • Soft Toe
  • Non-Insulated
  • Non-Waterproof
  • 6" Chocolate Apache Leather
  • Goodyear Leather Welt
  • Vibram 132-Lug Outsole
  • Drill Vamp Lining
  • Triple Ribbed Steel Shank
  • 4 Iron Real Flex Midsole
  • 5 Iron Texon Insole

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